Tiger vs Phil 2 2020 Live

Tiger vs Phil 2 2020 Live : Watch  Free Online IN HD The Match II Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady takes place on May 24. Which side has the advantage in these prop bets Live golf returns this Sunday, May 24 as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson get back at it,

though now paired up with two NFL legends as part of the COVID-19 charity event which will broadcast live on TNT. Sports Illustrated Gambling’s Casey Olson broke down the match from a betting perspective back on May 11. However, since that time some additional proposition markets have emerged at sportsbooks around the country. Let’s take a look.


Sunday, May 24. Coverage begins at 2 p.m. ET from Medalist Golf Club in Florida.


Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady


The Westgate SuperBook has Woods/Manning as -200 favorites with Mickelson/Brady as +175 underdogs.

Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook
Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook

The match will kick off with nine holes of four-ball, a.k.a. best ball, with the back nine being modified alternate shot play. Each player will tee off and then play alternate shots after drive selection. To make things even more interesting, added on-course challenges will be found throughout the round to raise additional donations for the cause.


Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook
Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook

Vegas Whispers: Various sportsbooks have already seen a sharp steam move in this market to the team of Woods/Manning. The odds of -130 are easily the best price you will find as many other shops are already above -150. Grab this one if you can.

Casey Olson: So the guys will be mic’d up all day, so let the trash talking commence! The open mics will make for some fun, and could factor in to a few holes which will be fantastic for viewers. This prop bet probably a pass for me, although some good value on the +110. Although I see the favorites taking the day, it’s doubtful they lead start to finish. “Omaha!”


Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook
Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook

Vegas Whispers: I totally prefer this two-way market setup being offered by the Westgate SuperBook. At various other sportsbooks this market appears as a three-way market with a potential tie as high as odds of +450. As a bettor, I would prefer to only have one way of losing as opposed to a second way of the sportsbooks scooping my money. I can not stress this enough to those just beginning to bet on sports around the country: Always shop around.

Casey Olson: My money is on Woods/Manning leading after 9 holes. Expect them to get settled in quickly and take the lead, prior to getting to the back nine which will be a mystery with the modified alternate shot play.


Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook
Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook

Vegas Whispers: This market is very enticing to those who believe the team of Tiger/Manning could dominate. Sign me up at odds of +500 on the ‘Yes’ that the stronger tandem could go on an unanswered run at some point on the course.

Casey Olson: I agree with Vegas Whispers here, though it’s a pass for me, as halved holes end the streak. The ruleset and other variables will make for some great television and most likely keep it as competitive as possible.


Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook
Odds courtesy of Westgate SuperBook

Vegas Whispers: I love the ‘No’ here. However, the prohibitive odds of -500 ties up too much of a manageable bankroll for me to step out on this market. Hard pass.

Casey Olson: I agree with the oddsmakers, and I just don’t see it happening.


One of the more intriguing markets is at DraftKings Sportsbook, where there is a market for Hole 5 Winner:

Vegas Whispers: Bettors need to do their homework before jumping in on three-way markets like this. Besides, the added risk of an additional market that could lead to a potential losing wager, this hole has a hidden caveat. Each golfer can only use one club for the entire hole. That most likely means that no golfer will be able to use their putter once they get on the green. Buckle up, this has the potential to be a very, very long hole to complete.

Casey Olson: Something tells me we will see some sort of highlight from Woods here. Last fall at the Japan Skins event, Tiger busted out a 4 iron and looked comfortable out there during a similar one-club challenge. Let’s see some momentum build here in this spot for Woods/Manning.

In addition, DraftKings is offering a market that immediately caught my attention.


Odds courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook

Vegas Whispers: It’s clear that prior to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, Tiger is in better form than Mickelson. At plus-odds of +125, I will be grabbing Tiger to win this market with a historically more powerful and accurate tee shot than any of the either three. Grab the plus money while you still can.

Casey Olson: All things considered, Woods is the rightful favorite here. Hole 4 is early enough in the match where the pros will be looking to command a lead, as the front 9 will be critical for the scorecard before entering the ruleset change on the backside. For those on tilt though, might have some fun here and fire away on both Manning (+600) and Brady (+650) as if either are able to pull off a shot, you got some profit. It’s a par 3, after all.

Of course, there’s also a “Moon Shot” market for those who love to swing for the fences and win big.
This weekend, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson go head-to-head in a replay of their infamous ‘match’ in Las Vegas 18 months ago – although this time, there’s a twist.

The two golf superstars, who have won a combined 20 majors, will face off at Medalist Golf Club in Florida in a match to raise funds for COVID-19 relief. They’ll be joined by two American football legends: former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, who spent 14 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts.

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Woods and Manning will take on Mickelson and Brady in a unique 18-hole match designed with entertainment in mind. The quarter will play a fourball betterball on the front nine before switching to greensomes on the back nine.

There will also be various in-game challenges, such as on the fifth hole, where all four players will be allowed to use only one club for the entirety of the hole.

The whole thing will be broadcast live in the US by TNT – but where can you watch it in the UK? For a change, the answer is NOT Sky Sports.

Negotiations between the organisers of the event and the main live golf broadcaster in the UK reportedly broke down.

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Instead, the event will be shown live on the CNN news channel.

For Sky users, CNN is found in the news section of your TV guide at channel 506. Virgin Media users will also find it in their news section on channel 607. BT users can get it on 393 and Freesat on 203.

The broadcast starts at 8pm UK time and runs until 1am.
The first hole is a simple opening hole that will play downwind … dead straight par-4 that requires a fairway wood or long-iron off the tee, then a 9-iron or wedge to a relatively flat green.

No. 2: Par-4

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Pretty strong dogleg right … the ideal tee shot fades off a small pot bunker at the 300 yard mark … the ball will land in a blind area, so the tee shot isn’t super comfortable … look for a driver or 3-wood to start, followed by a mid-iron into a flat green.

No. 3: Par-5

The first par-5 on the course is quite straight, but a fade off the tee suits the visual … palm meadows line the left side, so don’t be surprised to see a lost ball if someone misses the fairway to the left … there’s a long bunker off the side of the fairway … finding it isn’t terrible, but it’ll cost a chance to go for the green in two … this green is the smallest on the course, so it’ll be hard to keep it on the surface in two, but a miss left is an easier chip than from the bunker to the right.

No. 4: Par-3

A great mid-range par-3 with severe fall-offs on both sides … the wind will be straight across from right to left, so it’ll be important to find the right distance into the green with a low point in the middle.

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No. 5: Par-4

This is a cool dogleg left which favors a tee shot around 280 yards, unless a player wants to take driver over the corner … doing so, though, doesn’t gain much, since the hole isn’t that long … look for a 3-wood off the tee, then a wedge to a green that’s narrow with the front half quite sloped.

No. 6: Par-4

Long slight dogleg that’s very wide off the tee and will play downwind … guys will be left with a mid-iron into a simple green … par is not a bad score here.

No. 7: Par-5

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A long iron into this par 5 is doable with a good drive between two long fairway bunkers … they’re shallow, though, so it’s not an awful place to be … the wind will be straight left to right as they’re hitting into the green, which is protected by two small bunkers … this is definitely a birdie hole.

No. 8: Par-3

An awesome long par-3 that’ll play straight into the wind … a long-iron will have to miss bunkers and water to the right … left isn’t an easy chip with the green running away from the player who’s playing from below the level of the surface … it’s a narrow green, especially being into the wind with a long-iron.

No. 9: Par-4

The last hole on the front-nine will play straight into the wind … this is a slight dogleg to the left … the fairway is quite generous, but if you do miss it there’s a chance the ball might be lost … a mid- to long-iron will be played into a green that is subtle, but protected by a bunker to the right … par is a good score.

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No. 10: Par-4

A cool par 4 that will play into a right-to-left wind … guys can hit anything between driver and long-iron, depending how aggressive they want to be … a miss to the right with driver will be in the hazard; a miss to the left with driver will most likely be in the palm meadows … hitting the fairway is vital, because even with long-iron it’ll be a 9-iron or wedge into a sectioned-off green … there should be some good looks at birdies.

No. 11: Par-4

A great risk-reward short par-4 that plays 300 yards to the front (from the tips), but it’s a blind shot over trees and palm meadows … left is dangerous, as a drive might clip a tree and turn into a lost ball … a small miss right is fine, leaving a long bunker shot to a narrow green, but a bigger miss right will find the pine straw with little chance for birdie … players can also hit a long-iron to the right, then sand wedge if desired.

No. 12: Par-3

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A mid-iron par-3 with the green sitting diagonal left to right to the players … a front pin obviously plays shorter, but the target is smaller and requires a better shot … any pin further back, players can feed it in via slope to the left with a fading ball flight.

No. 13: Par-5

A long par-5 that starts to turn right at about 310 yards … if there’s any chance to reach the green in two, the drive needs to be pounded down the ride side … miss it to the right and it’s palm meadows and trees … if players get a chance to go for it in two, they best avoid the long greenside bunker, as it could leave a 50-yard bunker shot … the green is sloped, but they should have good looks at birdie here.

No. 14: Par-4

A really fun dogleg left that is only around 290 yards to the front of the green … however, the tee shot will have wind in from the left and water creeps left of the green, so if a ball is moving left it’ll be a long carry … a bail-out right of the green is a fine miss that should leave a doable pitch, depending on pin location … they can also play a long-iron to the right and a sand wedge into the green … a back pin would make the wedge shot tougher than expected, as it’ll be straight into the wind with a slope short of the hole.

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No. 15: Par-4

A great, long par-4 that turns left off the tee, but the wind should help turn the ball along the shape of the hole … water comes into play left off the tee with a decently big miss, but look for guys to be hitting a mid-iron into a pretty flat green … par is a good score here.

No. 16: Par-3

There are tons of tee options here, all the way up to 240 yards … I’d expect a hole that’ll be somewhere in the 200 range … straight downwind will make it play shorter, but certain sections are blind, so it’ll be tough to feel it out … water short left shouldn’t be in play, but a long bunker left could be.

No. 17: Par-4

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A tee shot where a lot could happen, depending how far back they play it … the goal is to keep it short of the large bunker at the dogleg right, so they can go for the green in two … if the tee is moved up, they’ll have to pinch it between the bunker and the water, which is about 20 yards wide … the hazard to the right is definitely in play, but if they keep it right it’ll make the blind second shot much shorter … this second shot is tricky, because you can’t see the surface … sneak one going right with the wind off the left and the ball could bound into the water, but if they end up short left they’ll have a brutal chip if the pin is anywhere left … there’s a high chance they’ll be chipping their third shots on this hole.

No. 18: Par-5

A really tough finishing hole that has a tee at 520 yards if they choose to use it … there’s a touch of a dogleg right, but the wind will be pumping left to right … there’s also a steep hill down the left side of the fairway … guys will be trying to have it start on that hill and fall to the middle … there’s mostly water to the right with a few small bunkers … a front-left pin could create a lot of action with a slope behind it being usable … back pins aren’t super hard, but the crosswinds make it difficult to get the correct distance, especially with mid-irons, which they may have depending on tee.